Loss-Of-Licence Individual ATC

Comprehensive Coverage for Your Peace of Mind

We understand the critical importance of health and fitness for professionals in air traffic control (ATC) and air navigation services (ANS). That’s why we offer tailored Loss of License Insurance, providing you with essential protection in the event you are no longer able to meet the rigorous health standards required for your role.

Key Features of Our Insurance Policy:

  1. Wide-Ranging Benefits:

    • Lump Sum Benefit: Receive a significant one-time payment if you are permanently unable to perform your ATC or ANS duties due to injury or illness.
    • Temporary Total Disability (TTD) Benefit (optional): If you are temporarily unfit for service, benefit from monthly payments to support you during your recovery, up to a maximum of 24 months.
  2. Global Coverage:

    • Our policy provides worldwide coverage, ensuring you are protected no matter where your career takes you.
  3. Eligibility:

    • Open to ATC and ANS personnel holding the valid and current Medical certificate required.
    • Coverage is available to those actively working and capable of performing their duties at the inception date of the insurance.

Why Choose Jurkowitsch GmbH?

  • Specialized Protection: We focus on the unique needs of Pilots, ATC and ANS professionals.
  • Peace of Mind: Our insurance ensures financial stability during unforeseen health challenges, allowing you to focus on recovery without financial stress.
  • Dedicated Service: Experience our commitment to swift, fair, and courteous service in handling your claims and inquiries.

Understanding the Terms:

  • Accurate Information: Ensure all information provided to us is accurate to maintain your coverage.
  • Claim Deadlines: Notify us within 60 days of any disability to facilitate prompt claim processing.
  • Data Protection: Your personal data is handled securely and used solely for the purposes of underwriting, administration, and claims management.

Contact Information:

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Loss of Licence Insurance

Fitness to fly can be at risk for a variety of reasons – illness, physical injury or an accident.

The insurer provides benefits if flying personnel or other personnel working in the aviation industry (e.g. air traffic controllers, radar, meteo, etc.) lose their licence to perform their duties due to the loss of their medical fitness.


We advise and support over 3.000 insured pilots, flight students and air traffic controllers in their insurance matters, on an individual or group contract basis.

Our customers also include aviation companies and aviation professional associations.

Individual International

The loss of a medical and the associated flight license due to illness, bodily injury or an accident can lead to financial bottlenecks. Our individual Loss of License insurance in the international program can compensate for this loss by providing appropriate benefits in the event of a claim.

The insurance company HDI Global Specialty SE / Germany covers the policies we manage.