Aircraft insurance

Protect yourself from the financial consequences of claims by injured parties in the aviation sector with aircraft liability insurance.

We offer different coverage concepts depending on the country in which the aircraft is registered.

Aviation hull insurance

The insurer covers all risks to which the aircraft is exposed up to the amount of the sum insured and provides compensation for damage.

An insured event is any damaging event affecting the aircraft which results in total or partial damage.

Insurance for the value of the aircraft brought in – The sum insured is deemed to be a fixed value.

Area of validity: worldwide coverage excluding the USA, US territories and Canada.

The following purposes can be covered:

  • sports, travel and business flights
  • commercial passenger transport
  • beginner training
  • towing flights
  • club use
  • chartering

You can opt for the following insurance cover:

  • Holder liability insurance
  • CSL insurance (combined owner and passenger liability insurance)
  • Hull insurance
  • Accident insurance for the pilot seats and/or for the passenger seats


Liability insurance (aircraft owner, air carrier)

The insurance cover for your aircraft includes the following types of insurance, depending on the contents of the insurance contract:

Aircraft keeper liability insurance:

The insurance cover includes the legal liability arising from the use of aircraft due to damage to persons and property not carried in the aircraft.

Air carrier (passenger) liability insurance:

The insurance cover includes the legal liability arising from the contractual carriage or entrainment of persons (outside of flight training) and the property they carry on or with them, as well as baggage and air freight without declaration of value. The insurance cover also extends to legal liability claims for damage resulting from the delayed carriage of persons or property (financial loss) or the loss of property.

Combined keeper and carrier (passenger) liability insurance for aircraft (CSL cover):

As an alternative to the separate aircraft keeper liability and air carrier (passenger) liability insurances, you can also choose a combined insurance (CSL insurance) with a combined single limit per loss event.